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Ad Title: Goats Milk Best Milk Replaceme

Ad Type: For Sale

Location: Qc Makati Cavite

Price: P 315 (Fixed Price)

Date Posted: Friday, March 31, 2017

Category: Main  » Health and Beauty

Posted By: JohnDy

Contact Number: 09195272603


Natural Goats Milk: Php 315 per liter
Location: Quezon City / Cavite
The natural vitamin structure of goat’s milk is very similar to that of dog’s milk. What is of importance within this context is particularly that the goat’s milk does not only contain the provitamins of vitamin A, the so-called carotenoids, but also the readily available vitamin A. This correlates with the high share of Vit A contained within mother’s milk and promotes healthy growth and development.
Careful! Puppies’ milk that has been enriched with synthetic vitamins immensely burdens especially the puppies’ metabolism!
For many decades already, goat’s milk has successfully been used as substitute milk for the rearing of guardian dogs. Frequently this was the only possibility of rearing the puppies during the day, as the mother was away, guarding herds. These experiences have been passed on from generation to generation. Even today goat’s milk is used by the farmers for rearing the young of their guardian dogs.
• Puppies / young dogs natural nutrition right from the outset
• Goat’s milk is base-producing and thus contributes to a healthy acid-base balance. In addition to this the fat globules are small and thus more easily digestible.
• Dog’s milk contains a high degree of protein and in particular fat, which cannot be substituted to the same degree by any other milk. When compared with cow’s milk, goat’s milk has a higher degree of fat which is very good for puppies, when considered from a nutritionally physiological point of view.
• For many decades already, when rearing the puppies of herd guarding dogs, goat’s milk has traditionally been used as a substitute for dog’s milk. Also in daily practice, goat’s milk is tried and proven for the rearing of motherless puppies and as supplementary nutrition with larger litters.
• Growth, immune system stability and the digestion of puppies that were fed with goat’s milk could be influenced in a highly positive manner.
• Goat’s milk contains fewer allergens than cow’s milk and has a highly positive, regenerating effect on the intestinal flora.
• Best alternative milk for puppies in case of dams sour milk
• Source of nutrients and immune system strengthener
• Natural source of high-quality proteins, vitamins, minerals and trace elements
• Rich in natural Vit A and essential fatty acids
• Very good tolerance and palatability
• Positive, regenerating effect on the intestinal flora and immune system
• Supports the acid-base balance as an alkaline produce
For orders: text us at 639195272603 for faster transaction



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Goats Milk Best Milk Replaceme For Sale | Health and Beauty For Sale | Qc Makati Cavite | Philippines

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