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LovePets.Com Dog Walk Summit
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2007/10/17 6:34
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Bow! Wow! Wow!
Bringing of dogs in public is good. It provides an ideal venue for dog owners to;
1. give their dogs the much needed regular exercise
2. meet other dogs for some socialization activities that results to a positive temperament and social attitude.
3. a good bonding activity for their dogs and family members.
4. meet new friends through dog meet-ups.
However, this exercise has to be done responsibly with proper practices and procedures and with the proper attitude AT ALL TIMES.
As pet owners, help us define responsible public pet handling. Let us enumerate our views and concerns that may lead us in drawing up a SAFE, HEALTHY and RESPONSIBLE Unified Declaration on Policies Towards Canine Public Exposure. Together with our views and opinions as dog owners, other sectors from our government implementing agencies, veterinary practitioners, animal welfare groups, venue host managements and their security implementing agencies (malls, restaurants, university/village parks and other public convergence areas) will likewise speak on the same issues for our benefit.
“Make a stand for a safe, healthy and friendly canine+human co-existence”. We heed for your presence and active participation to the Lovepets Pack Leader Dog Walk Summit this November 3,2007 to be held in the People’s Village, Tiendesitas, Frontera Verde, Pasig City .
As pet owners, help us invite more participants especially from the venue host sector like our homeowners associations, barangays, restaurant owners and the likes. Your taking part in inviting more attendees will mean a lot to the success of this exercise.
This activity is for free but we need to your confirmation of attendance as soon as possible. Please contact the following persons for your further queries and confirmation of attendance:
Mark Antonio-0921-4813262 Joey Tiosayco-0919-8367303
You may also email us at:
We deeply hope that you would find the time and effort in joining us in this worthy endeavour.
See you there!

Posted on: 2007/10/17 6:37

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LovePets.Com Dog Walk Summit [Shows and Events]

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