Truth About Rabies

Date 2007/2/1 11:10:00 | Topic: Articles

Myth: All dogs have rabies.
Fact: Not all dogs have rabies. Only rabid dogs have rabies. All mammals are believed to be susceptible to the infection. Dogs have to be exposed to the virus to become rabid, just like any other mammal.
Myth: Rabies can be passed from one generation to the next.
Fact: Rabies is not a heritable disease. A puppy born to a healthy, rabies free mother will be rabies free at birth. A puppy born to a rabid mother will most likely have rabies and not survive long enough to venture into the world.

Many territories, such as the United Kingdom, Ireland, Taiwan, Japan, Hawaii, Mauritius and Guam, are free of rabies (although there may be a very low prevalence of rabies among bats in the UK).

Anti Rabies Vaccine is a VACCINE. What is a vaccine?

Vaccine - Any substance, bearing antigens on its surface, that causes activation of an animals' immune system without causing actual disease. The animals' immune system components (eg antibodies) are then prepared to quickly vanquish those particular pathogens when they LATER enter the body.

NOTE: Anti Rabies vaccine is still very important! Make sure your pet has an updated shot. Follow your vets vaccine schedule.

You can ask your vet for more information about rabies. If they tell you a different story then better start looking for another vet

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