4 Secret Tips on
How to Post Pet Ads

By: Kenzo Kobayashi
By: Kenzo Kobayashi

4 min read

Are you having a hard time selling your pets?

Are your pets aging fast and you still have no buyers?

The information that I’m about to share with you is proven by data to work. Rest assured that these techniques, when implemented correctly, will make it easier for you to sell your pets, GUARANTEED!


*** You don’t want to miss the bonus tip at the last part of the article! ***



Do you want success in selling pets? Do you want to beat your competitors? Simple, you need to put more effort and work smarter than them. If you don’t want to go the extra mile in making sure that your pets are of high quality and well taken care of, then this guide is not for you. But if you are willing to put in the work, then please, continue to read as this will help you in selling your pets and have buyers go to you.


1. Photo Matters… A LOT

I can’t emphasize this enough; your photos will either make or break your sale. Based on Amazon, eBay, and other multiple studies, pictures play a significant factor in people’s purchasing decisions.

According to research done by Esty, “90% of online buyers say that photo quality is the most important factor in an online sale.” If you want to sell your pets faster, always go the extra mile when doing your photoshoot.

Before taking a photo, please do the following tips:

#1: Clean your pets and their surroundings. Please make sure they are dry and well-groomed.

#2: Take photos in a natural environment. If your house is a mess, try having your photoshoot somewhere else. Stir emotions and help buyers visualize themselves with your pets!

#3: Based on research, having a human face in the photo will increase your trust rating. So make sure you have at least one photo with your pets.

#4: Have your best/cutest photo as your primary photo. Avoid group photos as the primary photo. The main purpose of this is for them to  click on your ad easily.

#5: Make sure your pet is somewhere in the middle of the frame so that they will look good on the website. Use LANDSCAPE mode!


2. Attract Clicks to Your Ad Title

Having the correct title will make your ads easy to be identified by buyers, our in house search engine, and Google. This tip may be short, but its impact is enormous.

Do not use all CAPS, please. Capitalize the first word of every letter instead.

Please put the type of breed in the first few words of your title. Doing this will make your ads easier to find. Please keep it simple.


3. Ad Form: Fill Them Up!

Make sure to fill up the ad form entirely and put a proper description. Doing this will avoid unnecessary texting to any inquiries that people may have with your ad.

This will also stop your potential buyers from assuming things and go to the next breeder.

4. Pet Quality is the Best Policy

Selling quality pets will not only entice more people to buy from you, but it will also encourage them to refer you to their family and friends!

I would suggest the following:

  • Have Registration/Papers, (PCCI or AKCUPI for dogs)
  • Champion line (more red marks the better, usually)
  • Up to date vaccine
  • Dewormed
  • Clean and well-groomed.
  • Make sure they have a stress free and clean environment.

Please do screen your buyers. Let them know the enormous responsibility of owning a pet.

Make sure to invest and keep improving the quality of your pets. If you sell dogs, find champions that offer stud services.

Bonus: Be Visible!

If they can’t see you, how can they buy from you? They need to see your ads before they see your competitors. People usually buy what’s in front of them, and the good news is that we have ways to make your ads more visible!

Here are 5 ways we make buyers come to you!

#1 We are on page one of Google. We have done some of the work for you; buyers can easily find your ads since we are among the top websites when you search for any keywords related to pet ads like “dogs for sale Philippines.”

#2 As you can see on the graph, Dog Engine recently jumped its traffic to almost double back in November 2019. We have BIG plans, and we will make sure we get more buyers visiting the site by more than triple within the next few months!

Aside from Google, we will also be more aggressive in advertising Dog Engine on different platforms like Facebook, which means more people visiting the site, more possible buyers for you!

#3 Look at the chart, it is the number of users during the time of the day on Dog Engine. Post your ad when there is a lot of traffic on the website. Please take note that doing this will only be good for a few days since your post will slowly go down as new ads come in.

#4 Use the Raise Up feature. You can use this to push your ads up on the list again. The small fee is just 50 pesos for all packages.

#5 If you want maximum exposure and sell your pets fast, I would highly recommend getting any of the paid packages. Why? Your ad will remain on top where buyers can see you, and you will also be able to upload more enticing photos of your pets! SOLD!

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