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January 23, 2020
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Price: 400

Hi, my name is Charlyn.
I am currently residing in Taguig City.
We're nearby BGC and Mckinley Hills.

I was born in 1994 and Chinese peeps claimed it as the Year of the Dog. No doubt on why I grew up with such a huge love for these4-legged creatures. I've owned and took good care of so many pets ever since I was a kid (*dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, fishes* NAME IT!!!) It was fun and fulfilling. Though I've owned a lot of pets before I wouldn't completely say they're mine. 'Cause their family-owned and my parents were always there to assist me in taking good care of them.

My partner and I help each other in feeding, walking, cleaning and grooming our furbabies.

My partner and I started having our own pet way back in 2014. They were2 cute bunnies and we decided to name them Humpy (girl) and Dumpy (boy). We spent almost a year and a half with them both and they died both due to mites.

Year 2016 when we had our very own first furbaby. We named him Kuhki (Shih Tzu liverline) as his paws we're like yummy cookies.

One year passed and Kuhki had a child that we acquired. We named her Momay (Shih Tzu liverline). She suffered from Parvovirus last April 2017. That incident both broke our hearts since we thought she couldn't make it and it was our first time experiencing such matter. Her medical bill was too much for us and we couldn't even afford it that’s why we looked for a way out and decided to put some of our preloved stuffs on a garage sale just to complete the funds we need for her medication. Momay fought for us and I am proud that she survived from Parvo.

Then recently, while we are already doing petsitting (December 20181 of our client was abandoned by his furparent. His name is Browny (Chow Chow). We decided to keep and adopt him for the meantime but we are still hoping that his furparent would still go back to pick him up.

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